Our team of dreamers was initially started with two co-founders: Ashot & Grigor in 2017. The idea was to found a startup that will make everyday life easier and smart. The main aspect where they see a huge potential of bringing technologies in is everyday life. The need for changing people’s habits of doing different things in historically inherited ways and linking them with technologies was the vision. 
Being both high-tech lovers and consumers they always realized the lack of premium products in the market that are affordable for mass consumers.

Vozni Product Sketches


While brainstorming about our future brand and logo, we chose hedgehog to be the symbol of our company.

Our logo in shape of hedgehog symbolizes care, safety and the wish of always keeping things with you like hedgehog. The word “Vozni” is hedgehog in translation from Armenian․


Ashot Tamrazyan
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Ashot Tamrazyan
Grigor Baghdasaryan
Co-Founder, Chief Innovation Officer
Grigor Baghdasaryan