Find your items

Attach Vozni Tracker to everything that matters to you and never lose them again!

Ring your tracker or ask Siri to find your items and follow the loud alarm. The bright blue light will also help you find the exact location of the tracker in the dark.


Never lose your phone

Do you always lose your phone? Vozni tracker will notify you if you leave your phone behind and start walking away. Never be afraid of losing your phone or being stolen by thieves.

Got too far? track your phone’s location through our website or with the help of your friends.*

The feature is not yet available (soon will be available via the upcoming new Vozni app)

Last seen location

You will be notified when you leave your items behind before you get too far, as well as track their location on your phone.

The powerful chip inside Vozni Tracker works efficiently to provide you with accurate and reliable information even if it’s lost.


Selfies without selfie stick

Do you like to take selfies?

We change the way how you take selfies without the need of selfie sticks. Just use Vozni tracker as a remote button to take a perfect selfie!

Reconnected alerts

Get notified when you get reconnected to Vozni tracker after being disconnected because of a long distance, say, at the airport, waiting for your baggage.


Vozni World

We have built a huge worldwide community of Vozni users. We are a big family!

Vozni World help people to find their lost devices all over the world.

Vozni Tracker


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each day we spend on looking for our lost belongings

12,000 LAPTOPS

are lost in US airports each week

120,000 PHONES

are lost each year in taxis in Chicago alone.

1,500,000 BICYCLES

are lost each year in taxis in Chicago alone.